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We offer coaching in the workplace to enable employees to manage the impact of dyslexia and other aspects of neurodiversity.

- Coaching sessions are specific to the individual, and may include a focus on topics such as organisation and planning, memory and concentration.

- Issues of building confidence, raising self-esteem, and recognising effective strategies to manage the impact of dyslexia, are frequently addressed.

- Coaching is part of a matrix of support that often includes embedding assistive technology in daily practice, managing the workplace environment, and developing an understanding of dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties among colleagues.

We can determine what ‘reasonable adjustments’ your employer needs to make at your place of work and collaborate with them to ensure that they are fully aware of the legal implications and their duties in that respect.


If you are attending a college of Further Education, you will have been screened for SpLD on entering your course of study, but you should also be made aware of your entitlements in terms of study support. GoLexia can advise you about these, with a simple phone call or email.

At university, you have the right to apply for what is known as ‘Disabled Student Allowance’ (or DSA), which is separate from your student loan or any maintenance allowance you may receive. In order to apply for DSA, you will need a formal diagnosis.

“My 9 year-old son’s reading age was below 6 years when tested at school, but after 3 months of individual tuition from GoLexia, not only is his reading age now measurable, but also his comprehension age has shot up to 11 years 2 months. And his self-esteem has improved no end!”
Mrs. B. , Monmouthshire

“I recently attended a training course delivered by GoLexia and found it interesting, stimulating and interactive. Loved the way the course leader interacted with us and valued our input.”
Teaching Assistant, working with pupils with ADHD, Blaenau Gwent

“Having dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome made it hard work on my degree course. But with specialist one-to-one tuition, the written work became less challenging and I stopped dreading deadlines. I graduated in the summer with a 2:1, which I know I would not have achieved without the support of GoLexia.”
S.C., Cardiff

“The course leader was very knowledgeable and engaging. She gave everyone a chance to have their say and respected the fact that, as teaching assistants, we understand our pupils’ needs and have a great deal of input into their education.”
Teaching Assistant, Newport

“We were so worried that our daughter was not achieving her potential at school but had been told that she wasn’t ‘low enough’ to be tested for dyslexia. Thankfully, a friend put us in touch with GoLexia and after a diagnostic assessment and advice from them, we now have the confidence to be able to talk to the SENCo about her difficulties and what school should be doing to help her.”
Dr. T., Cardiff

“I’ve had one-to-one support from various individuals during my degree courses, but none of them have ‘got me’ the way Eileen, from GoLexia, does. Now I am doing a Masters degree, it’s great to know that she understands my dyslexia and the way I approach writing.”
C.B. Barry

“GoLexia helped me get a 2:1 in my degree – thanks to the tuition and support I received from Eileen at GoLexia, I was able to complete my assignments and finish my degree in Modern Music at Newport Uni.”
Seth Cutler

"I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge how impressed we were with Eileen. She carried out the assessment with much tact and sensitivity and used every opportunity to strengthen my sons self esteem and confidence. Her calm presence was very reassuring for both my son and for me."
Mother of 7 year old, assessed for dyslexia

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