A heartwarming message...

**** did his GCSE's this year.  Bless, he did work really hard at them. I can well remember the afternoons you spent with him trying to get him to read, patiently going through texts, pushing him along.  And I can remember the breakthrough moment when the Diary of a Wimpy Kid sparked his interest.

So when he got his 8 A* and 1 A, it was in no small way due to your patient work with him. Thank you.

And if you're wondering about the A, it was in Religious Studies - I don't think you ever taught him that!!!  Maybe you should have!

So thanks again, you changed his life.

Check out Guy's Youtube channel!

This channel is all about helping people with Neurodiversity conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD.



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