Support For Adults

Whether you are in work, at college or university, or at home, GoLexia can offer free screening, diagnostic assessment and one-to-one tuition, as previously detailed.
In the workplace, we can determine what ‘reasonable adjustments’ your employer needs to make and work with them to ensure that they are fully aware of the legal implications and their duties in that respect.

If you are attending a college of Further Education, you will have been screened for SpLD on entering your course of study, but you should also be made aware of your entitlements in terms of study support. GoLexia can advise you about these, with a simple phone call or email.

At university, you have the right to apply for what is known as ‘Disabled Student Allowance’ (or DSA), which is separate from your student loan or any maintenance allowance you may receive. In order to apply for DSA, you will need a formal diagnosis after the age of 16. So if you already have a diagnosis, GoLexia can update the assessment in order to comply with the criteria for DSA. If you think you may have specific learning difficulties but have never been diagnosed, we can conduct a formal assessment and help you through the DSA application process. When this is granted, you will also be entitled to extended library loans and study skills support, which GoLexia offers as part of our service to you.

FREE Initial Screening
GoLexia offers you a free initial screening test, to determine what sort of difficulties you may be experiencing. . This will include an informal chat about your concerns and expectations, and will be carried out in a confidential setting.
Diagnostic Assessment
If you decide that you want to take things further, we can offer a thorough diagnostic assessment that will demonstrate your strengths and areas of need. This is also conducted in a confidential and comfortable setting, and could be in your own home if you prefer.
Written Report
Following the diagnostic assessment, we will produce a formal written report giving a breakdown of the results of the assessment and their implications for education/work and offering suitable advice and guidance regarding strategies for work, living and learning.
One-to-One Tuition
Using the report as a basis, a structured, sequential, multi-sensory programme of intervention is then devised. Tuition and support is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual and implemented through one-to-one sessions with a suitably qualified tutor.