Support For Children

GoLexia is an excellent resource in terms of support for children and young people in education. We are able to screen, diagnose and offer one-to-one tuition via an individually tailored programme. We can also liaise with school, if you wish, in order to build on the success of the programme by re-visiting strategies every day.

FREE Initial Screening
GoLexia offers you a free initial screening test, to determine what sort of difficulties you may be experiencing. . This will include an informal chat about your concerns and expectations, and will be carried out in a confidential setting.
Diagnostic Assessment
If you decide that you want to take things further, we can offer a thorough diagnostic assessment that will demonstrate your strengths and areas of need. This is also conducted in a confidential and comfortable setting, and could be in your own home if you prefer.
Written Report
Following the diagnostic assessment, we will produce a formal written report giving a breakdown of the results of the assessment and their implications for education/work and offering suitable advice and guidance regarding strategies for work, living and learning.
One-to-One Tuition
Using the report as a basis, a structured, sequential, multi-sensory programme of intervention is then devised. Tuition and support is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual and implemented through one-to-one sessions with a suitably qualified tutor.